A marble counter lifestyle

What do you do when you get a new laptop? You revisit your old blog page and begin to play!

Why “A marble counter lifestyle”? A marble counter itself looks to be a high quality feature, but look a little closer and you’ll see its being turnt and twisted in all different directions. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s called life. A high quality outer image and an internal mess! While we’re sitting at the kitchen counter here’s a bite of mine-.

This morning was the first time I got to sleep-in in weeks..
Boom, self-realization: I don’t like sleeping in past 8:30. I’m already a slow starter. I enjoy having an hour to myself. The house is still quite, I clean my room, make my bed and make a hardy breakfast. Speaking of breakfast:

Whole Grain Flour Tortilla
White Raw Mushrooms
1 brown cage free egg
Organic Firm Tofu
Hot Chili Sauce
Chopped Onion

30 grams of Carbs
18 grams of Fat
21 grams of Protein

I think for now on I am going to ditch the whole grain tortilla and chop up a sweet potato instead. It’s too early for my stomach to get the bloat already!

I made it to Strictly Organic Coffee around 11 o’clock. I was supposed to help my roommate Becca with some gardening, but it was already early afternoon and I had computer work to do! So I told her we had to hold off. I’m learning that sometimes you have to weigh out the positive vs. the negative even in the smallest situations.
Here, the positive would have been that I would had been able to help out a friend who is always willing to lend me a helping hand. The negative is I had military work that needed to get finished or else I’m going to end up in the same situation as I’ve been before. Yes, it does make things simpler. I told her tomorrow morning we’d get to work. & I meant it!
Text just sent, “Let’s start at 8:30?”

I was surprised to walk in to Strictly O and see my good girlfriend Maya working. We were roommates last year. She’s an adorable Guatemalan girl with long black dreads and a face you just want to kiss on. She looked cute as always with her hipster, but necessary glasses on and a punk rock tee. She bought me my coffee and joined me once she had got off to do some homework. That’s the thing about Maya. She is an awesome student. She really is dedicated to her school work. Throughout the 2 years I’ve known her she has ALWAYS been in school. Even during the summer! Me, I’m always thinking of better things to be doing than school work… Anyhow, I FINALLY accomplished a task that I had on my to-do list for months, getting DTS to work on my laptop! You wouldn’t believe how painfully slow it is to get anything accomplished in the military, but I DID IT! & I finished just in time for lunch:

Whole Grain Flour Tortilla
Peanut Butter, 2 TBSP (is TOO much fat) *cut down to 1 TBSP
Half of a sliced Banana

19 grams of Fat= lunch
45 grams of Carbs
11 grams of Protein

After that I hurried to work so I could get my workout in before I had to clock-in. I work at the Athletic Club, coordinating birthday parties and watching minions when there aren’t enough birthdays in the month. But all that is kinda yawn. My interest lies in working out & currently I’m following Ashley Horners workout routines. Today we worked out arms, shoulders and core. I was feeling self-conscience from all the bloat I mentioned earlier and plus, there was a stud muffin lifting so internally I wanted me and my gut to be as far away from him as possible. So I finished my workout in the women’s workout room. No bother, I was making some weird faces trying to man handle those upright row to shoulder presses anyways. It was only 25pds..

I finished with core which next time I want to be my warmup & clocked-in. The hours slowly went by, in the meantime I ate half a bag of popcorn, a chocolate chip granola bar and half a little kids bagel… WTF! There went my clean eating.

29 Grams of Fat= Snacks
51 grams of Carbs
15 grams of Protein

REMINDER: PACK YOUR OWN YOGURT PARTFAIT. Where the heck did all that fattening food come from? A: the popcorn. 

Don’t worry, after feeling the guilts, I sat in the steam shower for 20 minutes and then ran 2.5 miles burning 350 calories on the treadmill.

I went home with enough marcos to fill to thankfully eat dinner:

2 oz. of chicken
Brussel Sprouts with Agave
Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes (my absolute favorite)

11 grams of Fat= Dinner
33 grams of Carbs
27 grams of Protein
^ That’s good eaten

None of my roommates are home. I used to get really bothered by this. Like I didn’t have a life and I would try to stay out later so it looked like I was having fun. BUT, BOOM! SELF-REALIZATION NUMBER 2, I’ve been running around all day. It is 8 o’clock at night. I want to go home, make dinner, take a shower, play on my new laptop and do what makes me happy! So begins “A marble counter lifestyle”. I hope I can bring to you some interesting and relatable stories. And I hope you can give me support and honest feedback. Mostly things you can relate to or maybe some encouraging words to keep writing!

Anyways, we’ll see where this goes. Marble Counter Tops

Sleep tight everyone~


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