Memories at 22

Sittin on the fence post, chewing my bubble gum… playing with my yo-yo, do-up do-up and along came.. adventure.

Sitting poolside today I was reading my current novel “Items May Have Shifted”. It’s about a woman who has had love in her life for many of years, but after so many stagnant runs (think as if you’re on a treadmill) she decided to get off the treadmill and start running ramp-id around the world. The book overall consist of short stories in different places.

I began to think about my travels, stories and favorite memorable moments throughout my travels. Moments that I want to remember. People that I possibly want to forget. Lessons that I hope to hold true. At first tears began to fill my eyes. Love is a horrible thing to experience, but I’d give anything to find someone to love again. A small sense of fear ran through my veins. The thought that traveling with a companion is more fulfilling than traveling alone was a fear I wasn’t ready to face. A love to travel and no lover… great.

Here’s the deal, have you ever experienced running across a city square in one of the worlds most dangerous cities barefoot just to get into someones arms? And yes, it was raining. What about experiencing never wanting to feel the touch of air on your skin again because you just want swim along fish in the Caribbean for eternity, love. Or a life or death situation in a 3rd world country where no one would be able to find you with just the slip of a foot. Hopefully you’d crack your skull and be knocked conscienceless before you were able to fathom being in a place so dark you’d think you were in hell. By the way, the Guatemalans call this “the place of sacrifice” and it does exist. Another one was when I ventured to Hood River and was put in a duo kayak. We flipped and couldn’t roll back over. We ended up having to swim in class 4 rapids for about 3 miles in 40 degree water. Hypothermia was a real concern. Not to mention a couple of hydraulics. There was also the time in Colombia when there were 4 different conversations taking place. Each was being spoke in a different language German, Spanish, French and when everyone wanted to come back together we spoke English. These are some of the most memorable moments in my life. The adventures that I wouldn’t trade for an Audi or a life of money. Rather, I would trade money for these adventures, but one thing brought these adventures to life.



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